Coconut Karam

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₹ 375.00
₹ 375.00

If you're looking for an affordable and healthy snack, Kobbari Karam is the way to go. With 40% less fat than coconut oil, it's the perfect alternative for people looking to make nutritious changes in their diet. Available in four flavours: sweet, spicy, sesame, and mixed.Kobbari Karam is a high-quality, all-natural and organic chutney powder especially prepared to suit your daily needs and tastes. It has a delicious aroma, a pleasant taste and it's made with fresh ingredients. Kobbari Karam is an ideal substitute for coconut granola bars and chips, as well as coconut milk powder or grated coconut.


Dry coconut, chana dal, urad dal, chilli powder, salt, turmeric, jeera.