Gongura Mix

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₹ 500.00
₹ 500.00

Sun dried Gongura mix is 100% naturals free from any additives allowing to enjoy the authentic taste of gongura

1 KG of fresh gongura leaves is equals to 100 grams of sun dried gongura

Plugged from the naturally grown farms

Carefully washed and shade dried for the retention of vitamins and minerals

The colour, flavour and freshness are very much similar in taste and aroma to that of fresh leaves,  gongura powder can be used to make dishes.Used as toppings on idli, dosa & chapatis, gongura chicken, gongura mutton, gongura pappu, gongura rice. Gongura is a rich source of Vitamin “C”, Vitamin “B6”, Vitamin “A”, Iron, Zinc, Calcium & an excellent source of folate and antioxidants.


Gongura / sorrel, groundnut, cumin, salt.